You don't have to carry all those paper resources around anymore. They're all right here...right in Wiki World!


Wiki-wiki is the Hawaiian word for “quick.” In current usage, it is a generic name for a collaborative webpage which anyone can edit quickly without having to learn programming language. Thus, a Wiki is a collaborative website comprised of the perpetual and collective work of many authors. Wiki is an easy way to network and share information, resources and research with a virtual group of online learners. Sure beats carrying all those hard copy paper resources around!

Here's the wiki for Riverside School District library. Lots of very helpful resources for teachers.



Jan Nuzzo and Paula Calabrese presented this workshop at the Regional Best Practices Summer Institute August 9, 2010:

Want to try your hand at creating your own Wiki for your class? Try one of these free educational sites:




Here's a link to 3 minute video explanations of how to use the various social networks including Wikis:


These are addresses of other Wikis that may be useful for teaching and learning:

This is a link to several Wikis that demonstrate best practices in teaching and learning:

This Wiki supports Blogging. Maybe it should be called "Bliki"!

If you're looking for some interesting educational technologly applications, check out this Wiki:

Can't afford to purchase resources? Check this Wiki for free and open source materials:

This is Evelyn Wassel's Wiki. She supervises professional development at IU 29 Schuykill County.

This Wiki is entitled Educational Origami and there's a ton of stuff folded into its pages.

This is the Wiki for the Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference (TRETC).

The Quality Classroom Consortium (QC2) is the social networking space for users of EdInsight, the data tool, from http://www.onhandschools.com

These are addresses of Wikis that focus on library/media specialists and their work in schools:Well, here's a mind-blowing concept: a Wiki for librarians who Blog: