35 Top Tech Tools

  • Glogster
    Great way to share posters and images you’ve made with friends
  • Edmodo
    Social learning environment and one of the best ways to teach with tech
  • Bubbl.us
    Free application to brainstorm online
  • Twitter
    The micro blogging service that many love or hate.
  • WordPress
    Content publishing system. It’s gone way beyond just blogging.
  • Prezi
    Innovative way to share presentations without PowerPoint
  • Wallwisher
    An online notice board maker (or bulletin board if you choose)
  • Animoto
    Make beautiful videos from images in a snap
  • Blabberize
    Make your images talk…that’s right.
  • Weebly
    Create your own website or blog, very easy to use
  • Flickr
    Popular photo-sharing site now lets you print
  • Slideshare
    Don’t waste your presentation after it’s over, share it with millions!
  • Audioboo
    Easily record and share audio
  • VoiceThread
  • GoogleDocs
    The top real-time document creating and editing cloud-based system
  • GoogleSites
    Make your own website while knowing nothing about websites!
  • Diigo
    Popular social bookmarking site
  • GoogleEarth
    View anywhere in the world anytime
  • Wordle
    Create a beautiful aggregation of any amount of text
  • Wikis
    Crowdsourcing at its finest. Like Wikipedia, Wikispaces is very helpful
  • Wix
    Easily make your own flash-based website
  • Ning
    Despite a new cost-based membership program, Ning allows you to have your own social network
  • Primarypad
    Web-based word processor
  • Spicy Nodes
    Innovative way to organize your web visits
  • Delicious
    One of the top social bookmarking sites on the web
  • Myebook
    Virtually publish your book and sell it
  • Voki
    Get your own avatar and even have it talk with your voice
  • DoInk
    Create animations using this simple website
  • Warning Sign Generator
    Make your own caution and warning signs in a flash!
  • Scratch
    Create and share stories, games, art, etc.
  • Kerpoof
    Cool way to make a movie, card, picture, and share it all
  • Tagxedo
    Like Wordle but a step farther as text can be used to build bigger images
  • SmartKiddies
    Creative math and other educational problems to help everyone learn
  • Bitstrips
    Make and share your own comic strips with thousands of others



Here are 32 Tips for Technophobic Teachers. It will cure you of your fears!


Here's a great visual that links social media with Bloom's Revised Taxonomy:



This Education Week Report discusses the push to improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics [[#|education]]:

A digital native at work

These PowerPoint presentations offer a way to focus students' attention and [[#|help]] them prepare for the day's lesson. They include two sets of famous quotations and two sets of trivia. The content can be changed to be relevant to the subject being taught. It can also serve as a preview or review of the day's vocabulary, key points or key individuals:

PowerPoint has become the most common format for presenting information in an engaging visual way. Sometimes it's overused. This PDF describes just that circumstance:

Electronic Whiteboards Engage Learners Articles:

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Resources Sites:

netTrekker - a [[#|FREE]] resource for [[#|education]] in PA
SMART education consultant resource page
The Amphitheater School's Whiteboard Wiki - Resources Page
Teachers Love SMARTBoards
Garnet Valley SD (PA) - has built a list of sites they have found to be useful
These interactives from England may be used with whiteboards

Whiteboard Manufacturer sites:

SMART-Education (requires [[#|registration]])
PROMETHEAN Planet - Education Resources (requires [[#|registration]])

Internet Resources:

Webquest Maker and Ideas: http://www.teach-nology.com/web_tools/web_quest/
Creating Rubrics: http://www.teach-nology.com/web_tools/rubrics/
Project Based Learning: http://pbl-online.org/
Project Based Learning: http://teachertipstraining.suite101.com/article.cfm/three_project_based_learning_resources
Using blogs in the classroom: http://web20intheclassroom.blogspot.com/2008/01/blogging-in-classroom-why-how-and-lots.htm
Using wikis in the classroom: http://www.emints.org/ethemes/resources/S00001969.shtml
Three dimensional, animated PowerPoint presentations: www.prezi.com
Add speech to a photo in your presentations: www.blabberize.com
Create a beautiful word [[#|cloud]]: www.wordle.net
360° photographs: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~globalconn/gigapan.html
Poster yourself: www.glogster.com