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Educator Effectiveness with a Twist Summer Institute

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mars Area High School Library

8:30 am until 2:30 pm

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Charlotte Danielson
john hattie.jpg
John Hattie
dylan wiliam.jpg
Dylan Wiliam

This is the PowerPoint presentation used for the Educator Effectiveness with a Twist Summer Institute:

John Hattie explains the meaning of "effect size" in this excerpt:

Here's a list of effective, research-based instructional strategies related to the 4 Domains and accompanied by practical "look fors":

This is the rubric that PDE ala Danielson is offering for effective educator evaluation:

These are the forms that PDE is using with the districts that are piloting the Effective Educator Evaluation System:

This document was developed by Danielson and is available through ASCD. It provides rubrics and scales for evaluating educators from classroom teachers to specialists to counselors and psychologists:

Paula Calabrese wrote this article describing the principal as a CSI a.k.a.LSI, Learning Scene Investigator. It was published in The Pennsylvania Administrator-Educational Leadership in September 2011: