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Here's a little info on Problem-Based Learning and how it can work in the classroom:

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Here are some ways to incorporate multiple intelligences into your instructional practices:

Differentiated Instruction makes all your students lots happier. View this link to multiple intelligences personified in the classroom

Genius in the Inclusive Classroom

There are several possible definitions for what differentiated instruction looks like. How will you know it when you see it?

Instruction is differentiated when students have multiple ways to...
  • Access what they need to learn.
  • Process what they are learning CastANet.jpg
  • Show evidence of what they have learned.

A simple analogy is that of casting a wider net rather than dangling a worm on a hook.
Only certain fish want that bait, instead catch as many as you can.

It aligns well with other educational topics such as...
  • Inclusion
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Formative assessment
  • Best practices


Word Webs
Here' an activity that embodies principles of differentiated instruction. It involves a simple change to a series of questions that could be given like typical left to right up and down text. However we can display the questions in a radial format that engages a greater variety of learning styles. There is an example using the topic of the French Revolution as well as a blank slate any teacher can download and format to whatever they are teaching. Note that both documents are in MS Word 2007 format.