Check out this website for more ideas to help students: www.bullies2buddies.com

52 Inspirational Messages is a tool kit of encouragement and hope from the website: www.HowToHaveABullyFreeWorkplace.com:

From Pro Principal, a newsletter in which principals share school management strategies, this article offers helpful ideas:

From the NASSP Bulletin, this article is an exploratory study of bullying among ninth graders:

In this discussion of aggressive behavior, report their findings about the age children are most likely to be bullied:

From Phi Delta Kappan, an attorney discusses the legal aspects of bullying behaviors:

A study of victims and nonvictims in bullying situations:

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Teaching Tolerance
website for resources on antibullying strategies. You can also sign up for a free electronic newsletter as well as a hardcopy magazine via snail mail:

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